National Diploma (ND) Courses

Nurturing the manpower for the next phase of the Nigerian dream


Computer Science

The National Diploma programme in Computer Science is designed to build the foundations of students in the use of computer hardware, software and general use. Preparing them to be effective participants in the global economy. 


Business Administration and Management

The National Diploma programme in Business Administration and Management is aimed at producing students with sound theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out a number of activities in a business concern effectively.



The National Diploma Programme in Marketing is aimed at producing diplomates with appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge to
efficiently carry out middle level marketing activities in industry, public service and as entrepreneurs.



The goal of the ‘National Diploma in Accountancy is to produce a technician level manpower who can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of Accountancy.


Microfinance and Enterprise Development

The goal of the National Diploma (ND) in Microfinance and Enterprise Development programme is to produce diplomates with sound theoretical, practical and operational knowledge and skills to effectively manage the microfinance industry, with a view to contributing meaningfully to global efforts at alleviating poverty through the provision of financial services to the active poor and to small and medium scale enterprises.


Mass Communication

The national diploma programme in Mass Communication is meant to give students technological education and professional skills necessary for employment and job creation in various areas of Mass Communication Industry.



The goal of the National Diploma in Taxation Programme is to produce technical middle level manpower that can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of Taxation.


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